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Electronics-recycling innovator is going to prison for trying to extend computers' lives


Lundgren, 33, has become a renowned innovator in the field of electronic waste, or e-waste, using discarded parts to do things such as construct an electric car, which in a test far outdistanced a Tesla on a single charge. He built the first "electronic hybrid recycling" facility in the United States, which turns discarded cellphones and other electronics into functional devices, slowing the stream of harmful chemicals and metals contained in those devices into landfills and the environment. His Chatsworth company, IT Asset Partners, processes more than 41 million pounds of e-waste each year and counts IBM, Motorola and Sprint among its clients.

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F.E.P.’s Chocolate List | Food Empowerment Project


Food Empowerment Project’s Chocolate List is also available as a free application for your smart phone. Take a moment to download the free app now via iTunes (for iPhones) or Google Play (for Android phones).

The list below reflects Food Empowerment Project’s most recent research on companies that make vegan products containing chocolate to find out if they source their chocolate from areas where slavery can still be found.

Companies such as Mars and others are culpable, but are not listed as they do not make vegan products.

This list is not comprehensive. We continue to reach out to more companies and will be updating the list as we receive responses. Again, all of the companies make vegan chocolates but they may also sell non-vegan chocolates – we have tried to help, but we encourage you to read the ingredients to be sure.

Understanding Food Empowerment Project’s Chocolate list 

  Chocolate we feel comfortable recommending 
– 22 Days nutrition
– 365 Dark Chocolate Bar (Whole Foods Market)
– A.D.D. (Alternative Delectable Delights)
– Agostoni (fair trade only)
– Ah!Laska
– Alce Nero’s dark chocolate
– Allegro Coffee Company
– Alnatura
– Alter Eco
– Alternativa 3 (Spain)
– Amano
– Amo Cacao
– Amy’s
– Amy’s DriveThru
– Andean Dream
– Ananda (EU)
– Antidote
– Angell Chocolate Bars
– Ara Chocolat
– Artisan du Chocolat
– Artisana
– Askinosie
– Be.Raw. Chocolate
– BEAR (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– Belvie Chocolate
– Belyzium
– Bisou Chocolate
– Bixby Bar: ONLY Birdie, Heart’s Delight & Whippersnapper
– Blanxart (only dark chocolate – single bar origin except Ghana) – (Spain)
– Blissful Wunders Confectionery Chocolats’ Chocolate
– Bluebird Ice Cream
– Bonnievilles
– BonPom
– Bonvita
– Booja-Booja (Europe)
– Break Brittle
– Briskbars
– Brontie & Co. (England)
– Brown Sugar Baking Company
– Budi Bar
– Buddha Chocolate
– Bulletproof
– Bump City Bakery (Petaluma)
– The Butcher’s Son (Berkeley, CA – only their products)
– Cacao Prieto
– CaCoCo
– Cado Ice Cream
– Café Flora (Seattle)
– Cello Chocolate – all but Ghana bar
– Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe
– Charlie’s Brownies
– Charm School Chocolate
– The Chia Co
– Choc & Nut
– CHOC Chick Raw Chocolates Ltd. (Australia, EU & USA)
– ChocAlive!
– Chocolat Bella
– Chocolate Amatller (single-origin bar Ecuador only)
– Chocolate and Love
– Chocolate Calling
– Chocolate Decadence
– Chocolate Hollow
– Chocolate Ibarra
– Chocolate Inspirations, Inc
– The Chocolate Yogi (Australia)
– Chocolates El Rey
– Chocolatl
– chocolita
– ChocoSol Traders
– ChocStars (Belgium Chocolate Source)
– ChocZero
– Choquiero Organic chocolates
– Chuao Chocolatier
– Chunks of Energy
– Ciranda
– Claudio Corallo
– Cocanú
– Coco Caravan
– Cocoa Cravings
– Cocoa Loco
– Cocoa Rhapsody
– CocoaPlanet
– CocoLicious
– Cocolo (Australia & New Zealand)
– Coconut Bliss (they were bought by a dairy company)
– Coconut Organics
– Coconut Secret
– Coco-Zen
– Confiserie Jonas (Belgium)
– Conscious Chocolate (Australia, Dubai and Europe)
– The Cookie Counter
– The Co-operative (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– Coracao Confections
– Core Foods (Defender Meal only)
– Cornbread Café (Eugene OR)
– Cosmic Creature Chocolate Company
– Cotton Tree Chocolate (70% bar – only in Belize)
– Creo Chocolate
– Crispy Cat
– Cupcake Royale
– Daiya (http://www.fooddive.com/news/plant-based-food-firm-daiya-bought-for-32597m-by-pharma-company-otsuka/448160/)
– Dandelion Chocolate
– Date Lady
– Dave’s Midnight Bakery
– Denman Island Chocolate
– Diego’s Chocolate
– Divine
– Divine Organics (raw cacao products)
– Doe Donuts
– Doisy & Dam (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales)
– Dream Chocolate
– Drink Rau
– Ds Naturals
– Earth Circle Organics
– Earth Loaf
– Earthly Gourmet
– East Maui Chocolate
– Eat Chic Chocolates
– Eat Pastry
Edensoy (http://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/eden-foods-tries-to-opt-out-of-obamacare-birth-control-coverage/Content?oid=1640622)
– El Diablo Coffee
– Elevate (artisan cakes and pastries, made with compassion)
– Eli Bars
– Emmy’s Organics
– Endorfin
– Equal Exchange
– Essential Living Foods
– Essential Trading Cooperative (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales)
– eSutras organics
– Ethicoco (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– evo hemp
– The Fearless Chocolate Company
– feedyourface
– Feel Good Desserts
– Firefly Chocolate
– Fox Tea Club
– Fran’s Chocolates
– Frankie & Jo’s
– Frontier
– Full Tilt Ice Cream
– Gefle Chocolaterie (EU)
– Gemini
– Genuto
– Giddy Yoyo
– Global Organics
– GloryBee (cocoa powder)
– Gnosis
– Gone Pie Vegan Bakery
– GO*DO Chocolate (Espresso Coffee and Sicilian Almonds) (England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Wales)
– Go Macro’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Crunch
– Go Raw
– Gopal’s Healthfoods
– Goss Chocolate (dark and special dark chocolate, nibs and cocoa powder)
– Govinda Natur GmbH (Europe)
– Great Bean
– Green Girl Bakeshop
– Guru Donuts (only vegan donuts)
– Harrison’s Original Sweet Shoppe
– Healing Butterfly
– Health·Ade Kombucha
– Healthforce Superfoods
– Healthworks
– Healthy Creation’s Seattle
– hemp love
– Herbs America
– Holy Kakow Chocolate
– Honest Chocolate (South Africa)
– Hooray Truffles
– Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery
– Hotel Chocolat (Europe, Americas, Far East)
– Hu Kitchen*
– HunnyBon
– Hurraw!
– I Heart Keenwah
– iChoc
– Il Modicano
– indi chocolate
– inSpiral (England)
– Iswari Ireland Ltd
– IQ Superfood Chocolate
– Jeavons Toffee
– Jedwards International, Inc.
– Jelina Chocolatier
– Jem Raw Chocolate
– Jen’s Zen
– JJ’s Sweets
– Jollyum (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– Just Pure Foods
– Justin’s Nut Butter (http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/People/Justin-Gold-on-why-he-got-into-bed-with-Hormel)
– Kaia Foods (Alive & Radiant)
– Kakaw Belizean Chocolate (Belize)
– Kallari Chocolate
– Keen-wah (Essential Living Foods)
– Kopali Organics
– kosuma Whole Food Energy™
– Kroger Cocoa Powder
– Kur Organic Superfoods
– La Siembra – Cocoa Camino
– Lagusta’s Luscious
– Laird Superfood
– Lakanto
– Lake Champlain Chocolates (only Blue Bandana, Almonds & Sea Salt, Peruvian Dark, Cherries & Chocolate and Spicy Aztec)
– Lala’s Creamery (vegan only and not the cookies & creme)
– L’Amourette
– Late July
– Laughing Giraffe Organics*
– Liebhart’s Gesundkost (Germany)
– Lifefood
– Little Island Coconut Creamery
– Live On Chocolate
– Live Superfoods (their name brand only)
– Living Food of St. Ives
– Living Raw
– LivWell, LLC
– Love Bean
– Love Street Livin
– Lovechock (Europe)
– Lovecrafted Vegan Baking
– Lover Raw Chocolate
– Loving Earth (New Zealand)
– Lulu’s Chocolates
– Lune Chocolat
– Lydia’s Organics
– Madécasse’s Chocolate
– MadeGood
– Madre Chocolate
– Mama Ganache
– Manifest Chocolates
– Manifesto Cacao
– Manoa Chocolate Hawaii (only bars with 72%+ cocoa)
– Marks & Spencer (single origin)
– Marthomi (Rice Mice, Zero Zebra)
– Marvellous Superfood
– Mary’s Gone Crackers
– Mason & Co (India)
– Mast Brothers Chocolate
– Mayesa
– Metabolic Response Modifiers (MRM)
– MiiRO
– Mindo Chocolate
– Mister Sister
– Mokkapuu
– Molly Moon’s (except Vegan ‘Scout’ Mint flavor)
– Molucca Craft Chocolate
– Montezuma’s (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales)
– Mooala
– Moo Free Chocolates
– Mr Organic
– Multiple Organics
– MULU Organic Raw Chocolate (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– NadaMoo!
– Nahua
– Nana’s Donuts
– Natur-a (Canada)
– Natural Balance Foods (Europe & USA)(Trek and Nakd)
– Naturata
– Nature’s Charm
– Nature’s Path
– Navitas Organics’
– Nelly’s Organics
– Newman’s Own
– New Tree
– New York Superfoods
– Next Level Burger
– NibMor
– Nocciolata Dairy Free
– Nibble Chocolate
– Nicobella Organics
– Nirvana Belgian Chocolates
– No Cow Chocolate
– Noah & Co.
– Not Your Sugar Mamas
– Nova Monda Cacao & Chocolate
– Numi Organic Tea
– Nutiva
– NuttZo
– The Oakland Chocolate Company
– Oaxacabar
– Obsessive Confection Disorder
– Olivia Chocolat
– Ombar
– Omnon
– One Degree Organic Foods
– Oregon Bark
– Organic Fair
– Organic Food Bar
– Organic Nectars
– Organica (Venture Foods)
– Original Beans
– Orgain*
– Orgran
– Ostara
– Over The Moo
– Pana Chocolate (Australia, England)
– Parliament Chocolate
– Patric Chocolate
– Peaceful Provisions
– Perfect Fit (Tone it up)
– Perfect Fuel Chocolate
– Phi Kind Organics
– The Philosopher’s Stoneground
– Plamil
– Poco Dolce (bars only)
– President’s Choice
– Puffworks
– Pulsin’ (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)
– Puna Chocolate
– Pure Bar
– R.e.d.d., Inc.
– Raaka Virgin Chocolate
– Rainbow Bakery (Bloomington, IN)
– Ranger Chocolate Company
– Rapunzel
– Rausch Plantagen-Shokolade
– the raw chocolate co (Australia and Europe)
– Rawmio
– Raw Ecstasy (England)
– Raw Halo
– Raw Health (Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore & US)
– Raw Integrity Chocolates
– Raw Imagination (England)
– Raw Nibbles (England)
– Raw Revolution
– RAWR Chocolate (Europe)
– Rawxies
– Real Bar
– Real Food Source (Europe)
– Rebel Kitchen
– Remedy Teas
– René Rey Chocolates
– República del Cacao
– Rescue Chocolate
– Revolution Gelato
– Righteously Raw
– Ritter Sport
– Ritual Chocolate
– Rogue Chocolatier
– Roo’Bar (Australia, Europe & United Arab Emirates)
– Rosengarten (Minderleinsmühle GmbH & Co. KG) (Germany)
– Sacred Chocolate
– Salazon Chocolate
– Sambazon
– Santa Barbara Chocolate
– Santosha Chocolate
– SaviSeed
– Scarborough Fair (New Zealand)
– Science Kitchen (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– Scream Sorbet
– Seed and Bean Chocolates
– Shaman Chocolates
– Simply Raw
– Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates
– Skydottir Epic Cookies
– So Delicious® Dairy Free (organic only)
– Solkiki
– SOMA chocolatemaker
– SOMMER (Biback Zwiebackfabrik SOMMER GmbH & CO. KG) (Germany)
– Soulever Chocolates
– Spagnvola
– Squarebar
– Stirs the Soul
– Sunburst Superfoods (their name brand only)
– Sunflour Baking Company
– Sunfood’s Chocolate
– Sweet Revolution
– Sweetriot (riotBar only)
– Taza Chocolates
– Teeccino
– Temptation
– TerraSoul
– Tesco Single Origin Bars only (except for Ivory Coast Bar) (outside of the US)
– Theo Chocolate
– Thesis (skin care & makeup)
– Three Turns
– Tierra Farm (organic and organic fair trade only)
– Tony’s Chocolonely
– Travel Chocolate
– Treat Dreams (Australia)
– TruJoy Sweets
– Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate
– Ulimana
– Ultimate SuperFoods (Ojio)
– Uncommon Cacao
– UNREAL (only dark chocolate gems)
– Vegan Treats
– Veganica Pty Ltd (Rawganic Chocolate & CocoLuscious Coconut Ice Cream) Australia
– Vego (Germany)
– Vicuña Chocolates
– Videri Chocolate Factory
– Vitacost Brand (cocoa powder)
– Viva Naturals
– Vivani
– VO2 Vegan Cafe (MA) (only O2 Vegan Café chocolate bars, cocoa, homemade smoothies)
– Wayward Vegan Cafe (Seattle)
– Wei of Chocolate
– well.fed. by Alicia Smiley
– The Wellington Chocolate Factory (Australia, Hong Kong, & New Zealand)
– Wellness Foods (The Simply Bar)
– Whaddyalove Chocolate
– Whistler Chocolate
– Whole Foods Market (only: cocoa powder & 365 Dark Chocolate bar)
– Wholesome Chow
– Wild Alive LLC
– Wild Boar’s Dark Chocolate (Hagensborg Chocolates)
– Wildly Organic
– Willie’s Cacao
– Wonder Food Company
– Woodblock Chocolate Manufactory
– WOW Chocolates
– The Xocolate Bar
– Yes Cacao
– You Are Loved Foods
– Yowza Snacks
– Z Natural Foods
– Zenergy Powerballs
– Zimt Artisan Chocolates
– Zing Nutrition Bars
– Zotter

Recommended – Giving them the benefit of the doubt
– Felchlin

Cannot recommend
– Delicaseys Chocolates
– Garden of Life (owned by Nestle)
– Hershey’s
– Nestle (Haagen-Dazs)
– NÓI SÍRÍUS’s chocolate (dark)
– Scharffen Berger (owned by Hershey)
– Stuffed Cakes
– Talenti Gelato

Cannot recommend but are working on the issues in various ways
– ABC Bakers (Girl Scout Cookies)
– ALDI (Moser-Roth)
– Alpro (Alpro Soya and Provamel)
– Amore di Mona
– Amy E’s Bakery
– Ananda Foods
– Barry Callebaut
– Beech’s
– Ben & Jerry’s
– Bensdorp
– Beyond Dark
– Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier
– Blommer
– Boulder Cookie
– Chocolat Stella*
– Chocolove
– Chocoveda
– Clif Bar
– Creek House Patisserie
– Deliss Chocolate
– Dilettante
– Divvies
– Dr. Oetker USA, LLC
– Enjoy Life
– Go Max Go
– Goldenberg’s Peanut Chews (Just Born)
– Goupie’s (England)
– Guittard Chocolate Company
– The Healthy Baking Company
– The Inspired Cookie
– Kashi
– Lazy Day Foods (England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales)
– LEDA Chocolate (Australia & New Zealand)
– Lily’s
– Little Brownie Bakers (Girl Scout Cookies)
– Liz Lovely Cookies
– Mariposa Baking Company
– Missionary Chocolates
– Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookies
– NuNaturals, Inc.
– OCHO Candy
– Pacific Natural Foods
– Pangea
– Ripple
– Schmerling’s
– Silver Spoon (England)
– Simply Lite
– Starbucks
– Strauss
– Svelte
– Summerdown Pure Mint Chocolate Mint Thins
– Sunwarrior*
– Sweet William (New Zealand and Europe)
– Thorntons
– TradeAid (New Zealand)
– Terra Nostra
– Villars
– Wayfare
– Whittaker’s (Australia & New Zealand)
– World’s Finest Chocolate
– Xan Confections

Cannot recommend but at least responded
– Alternative Baking Company
– Back to Nature
– Belcolade
– Birkengold (Austria & Germany)
– Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods
– Brooklyn Dark
– Cacao Barry
– Cherryvale Farms
– Chocologic
– Choffy Brewed Chocolate
– Coco Maya (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– Crio Bru
– Dagoba (owned by Hershey)
– Dr. Fuhrman’s Cocoa Powder
– Endangered Species
– Fabulous Freefrom Factory
– Feed Your Face
– FoMu
– Hail Merry
– Hampton Creek
– Home Free
– Kirkland (CostCo)
– KoKo Dairy Free
– Landgarten GmbH & Co. KG (Europe)
– Lindt (Ghirardelli Chocolate)
– Little Secrets
– Lucy’s Cookies
– Lush Gourmet Foods
– Maisie Jane’s California Sunshine
– Mom’s Munchies
– next Organics
– No Whey! Chocolates
– Noiseraie Productions
– Nomoo Cookie Company
– Oatly
– Olive & Sinclair’s Chocolate
– Pamela’s Products
– Peter’s Chocolate
– PlantFusion
– Premium Chocolatiers
– Pudology (England, Ireland, Scotland, & Wales)
– Sanders Candy
– See’s Candies
– Shoko Chocolates
– Simple Truth Organic®
– Somersaults
– Steve’s Ice Cream
– Tasti (New Zealand)
– The Peanut Principle
– Theobroma Chocolat
– Three Sisters Cereal (MOM Brands)
– Tofutti
– Unigra Chocolate
– Valrhona
– Waitrose (unless specified on product that country of origin is not West Africa)
– Wawel (Poland)
– Whittard of Chelsea
– Whole Foods Market chocolate chips
– Wilbur Chocolate
– Wild Friends Foods
– YisRoYal (gourmet vegan cookie dough)

  Cannot recommend: companies that would not disclose (no transparency for customers) 
– Choklad Mörk (Ikea)
– The Essential Bite / The Essential Cookie
– General Mills (Nature Valley)
– Glutino
– Good Greens
– The Hain Celestial Group (Rice Dream, Soy Dream, Sunspire, Chocolate Dream, Tropical Source)
– Hasslacher
– hipo hyfryd
– Indie Candy
– Kinnikinnick Foods
– Lenny & Larry’s
– LUV Ice Cream
– Mondelēz (Oreo)
– Moonstruck Chocolatier
– NuGo – Nutrition to Go
– O’Natra
– Oppenheimer Chocolates U.S.A. Inc
– Pangea brand
– Peanut Butter & Co.
– Pure Matters
– Q.bel Foods
– Recchiuti Confections
– Sainsburys (England)
– Salish Sea Chocolate Company
– Silk (TCBY)
– Sugar Plum Chocolates
– Trader Joe’s
– Udi’s
– Vosges
– Western Family
– Whole Foods Market Plant Fit Protein

Cannot recommend: companies that did not respond
– 10 degrees chocolate
– 34 degrees
– 137 Degrees
– Addiction Food (Australia)
– Amanda’s Own Confections
– Amber Lyn Chocolates
– Amedei
– Amella Caramels
– Amrita
– Amul
– Anandamide and Substantial
– Anthon Berg
– Anthony’s Goods
– Barbara’s
– barkTHINS
– Benedicks
– Berggold (Germany)
– Betty Lou’s
– Big Tree Farms
– biona organic
– Blabbermouth Chocolates
– Blue Diamond
– Bodylogix®
– Boots Bakery
– Boston Cookies
– Café Pettirosso
– Califia Farms
– Casual Friday Donuts
– Celtic Chocolates
– Chatfield’s Chocolates
– Chocholistic
– Chocolate Apothecary
– Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolate
– Cicada Artisan Chocolate
– City Girl Country Girl
– Coco Polo
– Cocoa V
– The Coconut Collaborative
– Coles (Australia)
– Considerit Chocolate
– Cybele’s
– Deavas
– Destination
– Domori
– Double Rainbow Soy Cream
– Doves Farm
– Droste
– earnest eats
– EcoMil
– Eskal Noble Choice (Australia/New Zealand)
– Essy and Bella Chocolate
– Excellent Baron Chocolatier
– Fox’s Syrup
– Frankly Natural Bakers
– Fresh Thyme
– G. Debbas Chocolatier
– Galerie Au Chocolat
– Galler Chocolatier
– Gelateria Naia
– Girls & Boys Fitzroy
– Good Karma
– Green & Black’s
– The Grenada Chocolate Company
– Grimaldi Candies
– Halletts Chocolates
– Halloren
– Halo (Pro Bar)
– Halo Top
– Health Warrior
– Heaven Sent
– Hedonist Artisan Chocolates
– Hungryroot
– Jackie’s COOKIE Babies
– Jade Chocolates
– Jennifer Lee’s Gourmet Bakery
– Kaoka
– Kinnerton (EU)
– K’UL Chocolate
– Laughing Gull Chocolates
– LoveRaw Chocolate (EU)
– Maestrani
– Main Market Co-Op
– Mama Chia
– Medifast
– Michel Cluizel
– Mighty O Donuts
– Misura
– Molly Rose Balms
– Nairn’s
– Nana’s Cookie Company
– NaturalZing
– <a href="http://Nuts.com" rel="nofollow">Nuts.com</a>
– Of the Earth Superfoods
– Oh! Chocolate
– Pacari
– Pantagruel
– Paskesz Candy Inc.
– Pasteland Chocolate
– Penzey’s
– Peet’s Coffee and Tea
– Plum Bistro/Sugar Plum
– Pico Chocolate (Australia)
– Prestat (England)
– Puratos
– Pure Fit Nutrition Bars
– Riso Scotti (England, Ireland, Scotland, & Wales)
– Roco Chocolates (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales)
– Rodelle
– Rose City Chocolatier
– Sanitarium (Australia/New Zealand)
– Santa Cruz Organic
– Schmidt’s Deodorant
– Seattle Chocolate Company
– Shakeology
– ShaSha Co.
– So Good Beverages
– Soul Sprout
– Soylent
– Spice Pharm
– Sunbiotics
– Superior Natural Foods
– Suzanne’s Specialties
– Sweet Freedom
– Tasty Brand
– Temple Chocolate
– The Good Bean
– The Living Food Kitchen
– The Nude Spoon (London only)
– The Tea Room
– The Winning Combination
– Theobroma Chocolate Company
– Timeless Coffee
– Tradin Organic
– Two Degrees
– Uncle Eddie’s
– Vanini
– Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
– Vantastic Foods Schakalode (EU)
– VeganBurd via Etsy
– Veganz
– Weiss
– When Pigs Fly
– Wonderfully Raw
– WonderSlim
– Xylitol
– Zazubean
– ZenSoy

* Did not respond to F.E.P. but did respond to a customer.

Note: Last updated March 22, 2018

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76 days ago
Cmon Trader Joe’s we expect better
San Diego, CA, USA
77 days ago
Really happy to see a couple of our favorites on the recommended list
Washington, DC
76 days ago
good post need to read more
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An "Ashamed" Fox News Commentator Just Quit The "Propaganda Machine"

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A retired United States Army lieutenant colonel and Fox News contributor quit Tuesday and denounced the network and President Donald Trump in an email to…
Read the whole story
88 days ago
Is this an open question to the social sciences as to why this conclusion took so long?
San Diego, CA, USA
89 days ago
Washington, DC
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Men Rediscover Workplace Culture Is Bad if You Want to Raise Kids

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Men who want to have an active role in childrearing have been discovering the limits of the workplace again and again in recent decades—specifically, it’s really hard to be there for your kids and not take a hit at work. Sucks, doesn’t it?


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88 days ago
San Diego, CA, USA
88 days ago
Washington, DC
88 days ago
Washington, DC
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US slumps in global poll after Trump's 1st year

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Gallup poll

puts global approval of US leadership at just 30%, slightly behind China on 31% and only three points ahead of Russia. Germany is now the top-rated global power in the world, with an approval rating of 41%, according to the survey.

The US rating is down nearly 20 points from the 48% approval rating in the last year of President Barack Obama's administration, Gallup said. It's also four points lower than the previous low of 34%, seen in the final year of George W. Bush's presidency.

By comparison, in Obama's last year in office the United States led Germany by seven points, China by 17 points and Russia by 22 points, according to Gallup.

"This year marks a significant change in our trends," said Jon Clifton, global managing partner at Gallup. "Only 30% of the world, on average, approves of the job performance of the US's leadership, down from 48% in 2016.

"In fact, more people now disapprove of US leadership than approve. This historic low puts the US's leadership approval rating on par with China's and sets a new bar for disapproval."

The results were based on face-to-face and telephone interviews with about 1,000 people aged 15 and above in each country or are surveyed, Gallop said. Between March and November 2017, residents were asked to rate US, German and Russian leadership in 134 countries or areas, while residents in 135 countries or areas were asked to rate the leadership of China. Gallup gave a margin of error across the total sample of 2 to 5.1 percentage points.

Since becoming President, Trump has pushed an "America First" policy which has seen the United States pull back from global pacts and alliances on trade, the environment and defense.

Within days of taking office, Trump withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive free trade deal involving a dozen countries that was negotiated under Obama. He has also cast doubt on the future of NAFTA, the 23-year-old trade pact between the United States and its neighbors, Mexico and Canada, and continued to insist that Mexico

should pay for a wall

along its border with the United States.

Perhaps the biggest blow to international cooperation came in June, when Trump took the United States out of the Paris climate accord.

As things stand

, the US will be the

only country in the world

not signed on to the accord when it completes the lengthy withdrawal process in 2020.

The President's own words, often fired off via Twitter, may also have served to undermine public confidence in the United States as a reliable, stable ally and global leader.

At the same time,

there have been foreign policy successes

. Trump's administration built on the Obama administration's plans to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq, helped bring greater stability in Afghanistan and imposed the most stringent ever sanctions against North Korea.

However, these achievements don't appear to have shifted the winds of global disapproval blowing Trump's way.

US leadership approval ratings declined substantially, by 10 percentage points or more, in 65 out of 134 countries and areas, Gallup said. And the falls have been most marked among the United States' allies and partners in Europe and the Americas.

In Canada, to the north, approval of US leadership plunged 40 points from 60% in 2016 to 20% in 2017. South of the border in Mexico, approval is at a new record low of 16% for 2017, 28 points lower than for the previous year.

Russia ties with Iceland to give US leadership the lowest approval rating of all, at 8%. However, the report adds: "It's important to note that Russians' ratings are heading in a positive direction for the first time in years; the current rating is up six points from 2% in 2016."

Meanwhile, approval of US leadership increased 10 points or more in just four countries: Belarus, Israel, Macedonia and Liberia, according to Gallup.

The Trump administration's decision last month unilaterally to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital may have won him support in that country, but resulted in overwhelming international condemnation.

This year's 30% median global approval rating for US leadership is the lowest since Gallup began tracking this measure in 2007.

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150 days ago
This will surprise no one.
San Diego, CA, USA
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A Tax Plan to Turbocharge Inequality, in 3 Charts

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The increases in the payroll tax have more than offset the declines in the income tax for most middle-class and poor families. They now face higher total tax rates than a half-century ago.

Total tax rate, combining federal, state and local taxes, by income group

Middle- and low-income families pay higher taxes than a half-century ago. The rich pay lower taxes.

This makes no sense in an economy where wealthy households have enjoyed the largest pre-tax raises. They are bringing home many more dollars, and each of those dollars is being taxed less than in the past. The middle class and poor are on the unhappy end of both trends.

Obama tried to reverse these broad trends and had some success. The core of his domestic policy, in fact, was fighting inequality. He substantially raised taxes on the rich, while keeping the Bush tax cuts for the middle class and poor. He also expanded health care and other middle-class programs. Before Obama, there were also bipartisan efforts to expand Medicare and low-income tax credits.

But these efforts haven’t been nearly enough to make up for the soaring pre-tax inequality — or even to make the tax code more progressive than it used to be. Middle-income families face a higher rate than a half-century ago: 28.6 percent in 2014, versus 24.8 percent in 1964. The economist Gabriel Zucman notes that the increased taxes on lower-income families have made it harder for them to save and invest. “It’s part of the reason you have such high wealth inequality,” he said.

Now President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are trying to widen inequality even further. Their tax bill doesn’t touch the payroll-tax rate — again, the single biggest tax that most households pay. The bill does cut income taxes for the middle class, but only modestly and only temporarily. The tax cuts benefiting the wealthy, including cuts to the inheritance tax and the corporate tax, are much larger and permanent.

Researchers at the Tax Policy Center, a vital source of independent analysis on a plan that’s been rushed through Congress, have estimated the long-term effects on each income group. Crucially, their estimates don’t ignore the bill’s impact on the deficit — and thus include the spending cuts that will eventually need to follow. Even if those cuts fall equally on each household (and, in reality, Republican leaders favor cuts that fall disproportionately on the middle class and poor), the tax bill amounts to an enormous effort to increase inequality.

Republican leaders have evidently decided that most Americans deserve more of what they’ve had over the past few decades — more income stagnation and more inequality. Polls have repeatedly shown that most Americans disagree, but Congress is forging ahead anyway. It’s an affront that deserves to be a defining issue in next year’s midterm campaigns.

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San Diego, CA, USA
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